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Professional Autodesk 3ds Max (exterior and interior)


Professional Autodesk 3ds Max (exterior and interior)

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3ds Max is an industry leading 3d software used widely in various different fields of 3d, including but not limited to: video games, film, medical illustration, architectural illustration, animation, industrial design and concept art.

Course Outline

  • Features in the Software interface
  • Four port & interface

  • Application of Tools in Main Tool Bar
  • Navigation Panel. Tab Panel, Media Panel, Grid and Snap

Creating Wall by Using Box Parameters
Creating Some Architectural Features Like Arc
Entrances and Front Elevations by Cloning
standard, compound and extended primitives
Modelling Hedra, Torus, Chamfer Box, Chamfer Cylinder, Etc.
Modelling of Interior Object Like Sofa, Tables, Beds,
Creating A Bed and Sofa Set with Dining Tables And Chairs
Extrude, bevel profile, lathe, bend, twist taper, displace modifier etc
cloth modifier
Geometrical 3d Object with Parameters
Door, window, wall, railing, stairs
Line Spline Difference Between Editable
Extrude Lathe, Loft, Boolean
Sub – Parameters of Line 1. Vertex 2. Segments 3. Spline
Modelling Concepts of Bevel Profile
Vertex Parameters – (Fillet, Chamfer, Fuse etc)
Segment Parameters (Insert, Break, Divide, Hide, Unhide
Spline Parameters (Trim, Extend, Out Line Etc.)
Extruding Some Editable Splines
Creating 360” Circular 3d Objects by Lathe Command
Creating Single & Multiple Boolean
(Subtraction of Doors &Windows from Walls)
Relation with Auto Cad and Line Drawing Importing 2d Plans And 7. 3d Blocks from AutoCAD Exporting 3d Max Files to Other Extension
How to Draw Plan in Auto Cad For 3ds Max Reference
Importing One Plan from AutoCAD And Creating walls
Introduction to Material Textures and Maps Concepts of Texturing and Adding Material Introduction to Material Editor
Mapping Material Slots Adding Subtracting Maps Color Concepts 9.
Application of Materials on The Objects
Creating Colorized Material Textures for Objects
UV mapping
Introduction to Lights
Different types of lights with parameters

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Duration 35 Hours
Level Master
Instution Svarna Training Institute
Branch India
Price 1,200.00$

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