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V-Ray’s features mainly aim at creating photorealistic images, together with improving rendering speed. Currently, V-Ray exist for 3D Studio Max, Maya, Rhinoceros 3D, Sketch up, Softimage, Blender and there’s even a standalone version available.

V-Ray comes with all the lighting, shading, and rendering tools you need to create professional, photo real imagery and animation.

In this course, participants learn how to use V-Ray in 3ds max to photo real scenes. They will learn key techniques such as :

  • Linear and Physical workflow
  • Lighting workflow
  • Using and Adjusting V-ray physical camera
  • Advance V-Ray materials
  • Render Elements, In depth Global Illumination
Course Outline
V-Ray Interface
V-Ray Objects
V-Ray Modifiers
Hardware discussion
Color Mapping
Gamma Adjustments
Proper workflow
Image based light HDR
Daylight system
Light Typologies and uses
Exposure VS shutter vs ISO
Motion blur
V-Ray frame buffer for post
GI engine
Brute force
Irradiance Map
Light Cache
Material creation
Complex material
V-Ray displacement
Advance V-Ray shader and real World materials
Interior / exterior workflow
Rendering setup
Managing animations
Scenes with static objects
Scenes with moving objects
DOF( in camera and post)
Motion blur
Dispersion / Glare/ Bloom
Volume light
V-ray Fog
Exterior and Interior Render with day lights
Exterior and interior with Night lights

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Duration 30 Hours
Level Beginner
Instution Svarna Training Institute
Branch India
Price 800.00$

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