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Svarna Training Institute strives to become a responsible, sustainable and ethical business. Our Institute ambitiously planning to participate in various charity projects, including the creation of our own initiatives of aiding underprivileged children and elderly people. To be more specific, one of our main project is to build an orphanage with an old age home. Every child deserves to have a home, where he/she will be loved and taken care of as well as every elder person. We are planning to bring together two concepts that can complement each other, where children will help elders to divest themselves of the feeling of isolation and loneliness and elders, in turn, will be more than happy to provide care, love and warmth to orphans. We believe in equity, we believe in the basic human right for education, we believe if each one of us takes a responsibility to help we can and will make the world a better place.


Svarna is well aware about severe environmental issues. Even though we are a small business but we want to make a difference and contribute to environmental protection. For this reason, we are widely encouraging our employees and students to use recycling facilities across the business and become more informed on the specific issue via our free presentations provided once a month.